BERNIE'S ORCHESTRA                    The Musicians

Who's who in Bernie's Orchestra? Find out here! Meet the dedicated, professional and multi-talented musicians that make up the Band...........







Accordion, Vocals, Arranger, Founder

Bernie, or  'Fearless Leader', as we call him, started on the accordion WAY back when, at the tender age of 5 or so. Playing the accordion was not so much a novelty in Bernie's household as a youngster, but more a way of life, following in the rich tradition and footsteps of his father, the tradition having been passed down from generation to generation. Along with this tradition passed many of the authentic German folk tunes and dances that Bernie continues to include in his repertoire today, and for which he and the band are noted. (This is one reason why Bernie's Orchestra remains as one of the most popular bands in the German-American community throughout the tri-state area!) As the band's founder and namesake, he formed the group while still just a teenager. In addition to leading the band, handling the business end of things and playing the accordion, he performs lead and background vocals, keeps our song list and repertoire up to date, and is our resident 'MIDI' (computer) music expert. 



Lead Vocals, Trombone, Baritone Horn, Alpine Horn

Karl, affectionately nicknamed the 'RED BARON', has been associated with Bernie's Orchestra since 1972, around the time of the band's inception, and serves as the band's lead vocalist. Not only does he sing both lead and background vocals, he does so in BOTH German and English! In addition, he plays trombone, baritone horn, and alpine horn (YES! The one on the cough drop commercials!). He's also been known to assist with obtaining new music and lyrics to add to the bands repertoire. He has performed with a variety of German-American bands throughout his singing career, in both the United States and Germany.     



Trumpet, Guitar, Bass, Arranger

Tyrone has been associated with Bernie's Orchestra since 1972, around the time of the band's inception. Along with his trumpet and guitar work, he helps with the writing and arranging responsibilities as well. Tyrone has played trumpet, guitar, and bass with a variety of bands since 1969. Having started on the trumpet at the ripe old age of 7 after watching and listening to his older brother play the horn around the house, he also took up the guitar and bass not too long after. Together with his younger brother on Sax, 'Ty' had a built-in band in the family. He has a degree in Music and is active in original music composition, production and recording. He has written and produced several commercial advertising jingles through his own music production company and others that have aired in the New York, Boston, and Philadelphia metropolitan major-market areas. He also serves as this site's designer and webmaster.



Woodwinds (Tenor, Alto & Soprano Saxes, Clarinet, and Flute), Vocals, Arranger 

Alan has been affiliated with the band since the mid-1980's. During any of our engagements, If he's not playing one of the saxes listed above, he's playing the clarinet. If not the clarinet, the flute. If not playing one of his instruments, he's singing. When he's not at an engagement, he may very well be at home writing out music arrangements. You get the picture. We can't get him to take a break. The man simply will not REST. The truth is, we won't LET him rest OR take a break. He's simply THAT GOOD. Alan has a degree in Music and has played professionally with a variety of bands since just a teenager.    



Drums, Percussion

Robbie, the official 'timekeeper' of the band, has been a member of Bernie's Orchestra since 1996. He's technically the 'baby' of the band. Drumming for 28 years plus, he has studied drums with the pros, and he has played with a number of bands doing a variety of styles of music. He not only performs live with the band, but he has been active as well in recording. When he is not playing or recording, his 'regular' job is also in the music business as a manufacturer of music products that are sold all over the world. He has 2 young sons at home, both of whom are, (YOU GUESSED IT!), drummers!



Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trombone, Vocals


John is the newest member of the band. He is our resident classically-trained musician. He has a Master’s Degree in Music, and has performed with a variety of German-American bands throughout his career.  He currently teaches General Music and Chorus to elementary school students. In addition to teaching, he directs a Symphony Orchestra and a Children’s Opera. If that's not enough, when John is not busy teaching or making the music, you might just find him on the dance floor….in lederhosen, performing the thigh-slapping traditional German dance called Schuhplattler.